Margaret and David "At the Movies"

Cathy and I are real fans of Margaret and David. To the point of imitation. We have our own monthly column in her parish newsletter called “Cathy and David At the Movies”…

Anyway, tonight’s program was good. Margaret and David disagreed bitterly about “Sex and the City”. Margaret gave it 4 stars and David only 1 — AFTER getting the admission out of Margaret that “if you never watched the TV program don’t bother with this movie”.

But then they both gave glowing reviews of the new Narnia movie “Prince Caspian” — three stars each — while admitting that neither of them had ever read the novels (and, from what I understood of Margaret’s comment, she had never watched the first film until seeing bits of it on TV the other night). There was a good interview with the director, who made the comment that Narnia is not a place where the Pevensie children “escape from the war… It is a real place.” Nice.

Anyway, you can watch the whole program and the interview for yourself here.

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3 Responses to Margaret and David "At the Movies"

  1. Joshua says:

    Isn’t it sad that neither of them read the Narnia books – as I certainly did. I know that compared to Tolkien they can seem rather overly didactic ( in a “See Aslan roar; see the witch scream!” sort of way), but, then again, for me as a precocious but unaware primary school boy, I never twigged to their Christian message at all: that came much much later.

    Anyway, I’m definitely going to the movies tomorrow night (Deo volente) to see “Prince Caspian”, and look forward to it.

    Will report back…

  2. Schütz says:

    I must say that I have never really warmed to the “tweeness” of the Narnia Chronicles. As the director of the films said in the interview on “At the Movies”, Narnia is a real place, and Lewis wrote children’s stories about it. He was setting out, not to make a children’s movie, but to make a movie about this real place. I wonder if anyone will ever write “The True Story of Narnia”–ie. an “adult” book about this “real” place. Probably not. Copyright laws and all. But it would be a challenge, wouldn’t it?

  3. LYL says:

    Well, I love all things Narnian – even the tweeness! (Especially the tweeness!)

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