Farewell to good friends and good times: Cooees pulls the plug

It is with great sadness that we read that Cooees From the Cloister is closing its doors after a long run of good humoured insider reporting. Future generations of Church Historians will ask themselves “Who were those masked men (and women)?” We are just thankful for the way in which they brightened up Church life here in Australia. They were the Church’s answer to “The Chaser” team. Will anyone be able to fill their shoes?

Since imitation is flattery, and I am happy to flatter them all they want, I am posting their last, glorious funny pic of the Holy Father:

Having succesfully jumped and somersaulted through the hoop behind him unscathed, Pope Benedict acknowledges the crowd’s applause

The crowd applauds you, Cooees! (Tears in eyes as they exit stage left…)

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  1. Louise says:


  2. Hardman Window says:

    Dear Mr Schütz,
    Thank you for your generous words. “Coo-ees” has been tremendous fun for us on the Cloister Team.

    Perhaps our curious Cloister emboldened some Catholics to vent a little bit about some of the silliness that afflcits the Church they love. I, for one, learned that there are others out there equally frustrated with the muddle-headed wrongness which is displayed all too frequently in places like the Diocese of the Big Drain and the Liturgy column of the Catholic Leader. So now we know we’re out there, its rather encouraging. A bit like WYD has given young Aussies “permission” to be involved in their Catholic faith.

    So while we just started up “Coo-ees” to have a bit of fun, I’m really glad to think that we may even have done some genuine good.

  3. Joshua says:

    Despite all investigations, and interrogations, I still haven’t identified the Coo-ees crew.

    Their work has been delightful, a real breath of fresh air.

    Best wishes to them!

    Hopefully their identities, piously whispered in secret to the Pro-Nuncio, have been sequestered in the Vatican archives, for release in 100 years.

  4. Schütz says:

    It was quite a feat, wasn’t it, keeping that secret so well?

    Hardman, I am not quite sure what you will be doing with all your spare “non-blogging” time now, but you are always welcome to drop in on SCM whenever you like.

    You will be aware of the research that has shown that bloggers are generally happier people? Well, the same goes for blogging Catholics, I guess!

  5. Louise says:

    I see Cardinal Pole has a blog now.


  6. Past Elder says:

    Judas in the belfry, even I enjoyed a visit to Coo-ees from time to time!

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