Where were you for the Stations?

It seems that there were as many “stations” from which the “Stations of the Cross” at WYD could be viewed as there were viewers – and that the most popular location was at home on the telly. Admittedly, I think that was the view point for which this great bit of devotional theatre was really made, and many who were actually there ended up watching most of it on the screens anyway.

But not this little black duck. I found my perch high above Barangaroo where I could watch all of the last five stations in peace and tranquility of the setting sun! Here are some pics I took.

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  1. Shan says:

    Great photos, David.

    In order to get to St Mary’s early enough on the Saturday for the Mass of Dedication for the new altar, I booked into a hotel opposite the Cathedral on the Friday night.

    So I watched the stations on tv in my room, in between pneumonia-induced naps, in the Sheraton.

    Given that I faced a c.2 hour commute to Sydney CBD each morning during WYD and had to be at St Mary’s before 8am, and that my soutane needed ironing and, finally, I was as sick as a dog, I had absolutely no equivocation about doing so.

    (In fact, I was so sick that during the Mass at St Mary’s the security guard called some paramedics, who bundled me into an ambulance which whisked me off to St Vincents Hospital.)

    The tv coverage was surprisingly good, and the crosses to young Catholics were well-handled. Fr Chris Ryan MGL was the only priest I recognised in the coverage and, as always, he spoke brilliantly about the power of the Cross.

  2. Schütz says:

    Pneumonia, Shannon? That sounds worse than the flu!

    I watched some of the dedication of the altar on the telly. I loved the way the thing got an “all over body rub” with the bath oil from the Holy Father!

  3. Joshua says:

    Shannon, I hope you’re well again – it was great to run into you at the Vocations Expo!

  4. Rebecca says:

    David, how did you get such a good spot?? You weren’t one of the many who climbed on top of the toilet blocks, were you?

  5. Schütz says:

    No, no, Becky, I was up on the cliff behind Barangaroo. When we were at the Papal arrival, one of my girls said “That would be a good spot up there, Dad”. And it was!

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