The Holy Father in Yoda Mode

I found this picture on the Net from the Pope’s Easter ceremonies. That mitre might’a fallen over his eyes if it weren’t for his ears.

Which reminds me of a joke. (I don’t tell many here, so bear with me).

Three men walk into a pub. They can’t help but notice that there is a guy at the other end of the bar with no ears. He’s a big, heavy-set, muscley bloke who looks real mean. The barman warns them:

“Don’t look at him. He’s highly sensitive about those ears. You’ll be in trouble if he catches you staring at him.”

But they cabn’t help themselves, and before long the earless thug says to the first guy:

“Whatcha lookin’ at?”

“Oh, nothing,” he replies, “I was just admiring your hair. Beautiful hair you’ve got. You want to look after that hair, because you know the girls really don’t like bald guys. See ya!” and he hastily exits the pub.

The man then notices the second bloke looking at him. “Whatcha lookin’ at?”, he says.

“Oh, nothing,” replies the second bloke. “I was just admiring your teeth. You want to look after your teeth, because if you don’t, you won’t have anything to chew your food with. Bye!” and he dashes out to safety too.

Then the earless hulk notices the third man still staring at him, and he says “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

“Oh, oh, nothin’, nothin’ at all,” comes the hapless reply, “Nothin’ except your eyes. You’ve got beautiful eyes, and you know, you want to look after those eyes, because if you ever need glasses, you won’t have any ears to hang them on!”

Sorry. I do promise I won’t tell any more jokes.
God bless Papa Benny. Goodnight!

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