"Religulous" – The Latest Cinematic Controversy…

Oh dear. I can’t wait to see what Margaret and David have to say about THIS film: “Religulous”.

As far as I can see, it’s just a re-hash of Richard Dawkin’s documentary “The God Delusion” without the upperclass English accent. The basic thesis appears to be that Religious belief is ridiculous (hence that awful title) and you can prove it by interviewing people with ridiculous religious ideas.

As one reviewer put it:

To call “Religulous” a documentary would be generous. The film ultimately fails as a documentary because it is so woefully one-sided. Maher’s point-of-view is the only one he cares about. The interviews serve only to prove his point. While he, at times, offers thought-provoking questions like “why is faith good?”, Maher’s role is primarily to poke fun at people who dare believe in the illogical, even the ridiculous.

Well, thankfully, it doesn’t appear to very entertaining, so I can’t imagine anyone actually going to see it in the cinemas. I don’t even think Geraldine would touch this one.

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  1. Louise says:

    The basic thesis appears to be that Religious belief is ridiculous (hence that awful title)

    Nice to see that even unbelievers can come up with excruciatingly embarrassing dimwittery!

  2. Past Elder says:

    Hey, look on the bright side — at least there’s a guy named Maher with whom you disagree more than you do with me!

    Maybe at the next family reunion I’ll get him to start posting here!

    (This is a joke, in case the Roman malady has progressed to the point where jokes do not exist. There is no relation of which I know. For that matter, those of whom I know don’t have reunions anyway.)

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