How the TV Media reported the Passing of the Abortion Bill

…and the reaction of the Church:

From the ABC:

From SBS:

And from Channel Ten (Including the Speaker’s outburst)

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  1. Jeff Tan says:

    Tragic and utterly senseless. And the brunt of what Mr. Brumby and Ms. Morand have achieved will be borne not by them but rather by women and the unborn for generations to come.

  2. matthias says:

    Lincoln said “I tremble for ym country when I remember that God is just”

  3. Schütz says:

    Thank you for that quote, Matthias. I was looking for it last week for an article I was writing and couldn’t find it. You could have mentioned it earlier…

  4. Mark Rabich says:

    The ABC report incenses me. They effectively repeated the falsehood that 24 weeks is a cutoff. FYI, the day before – on the very morning of the vote – I received a response from my complaint to ABC Corporate Affairs about the very same lie that was on their 6 Sep report (the day of the protest march) They claim this:

    The news reader then noted that under the Bill ‘..abortions under 24
    weeks gestation would be removed from the Crimes Act and regulated like
    any other medical procedure.” This is an accurate representation of one
    aspect of the Bill. It has many other proposals, including, as you say,
    that abortions over 24 weeks would have to be approved by two medical
    practitioners after 24 weeks. Given that the story was concerned with
    the rally, the ABC concludes that it was not necessary, nor possible
    given the brevity of the piece, to go over all aspects of the Bill.

    I’m currently in the process of writing a response to them, pointing out (amongst other issues that formed the complaint) that if “brevity” was the main concern, the words “under 24 weeks gestation” could have been removed and then made that statement accurate. My taxes fund this rubbish…

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