Scott Hahn cited at the Synod

Well, he’s come a long way from the his past as a Calvinist preacher – now he is being held up as an authority at the 12th Ordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome. The Apostolic Vicar of Benghazi (Libya) cited Scott Hahn in his intervention at the Synod on the Word according to Zenit:

The complete Christian “canon” or list of the New Testament Scriptures, was attested to by St. Athanasius in 367 A.D., but accepted universally only with the Synod of Rome in 380 and the councils of Hippo and Carthage (A D. 417).”It is the Church which came before the Scriptures; the Church that produced the Scriptures with divine assistance, and that preserved their integrity through the threats of persecution and heresy – it is the Church that gathered the Scriptures together in a book – a book that sustains all who call themselves Christian” (Scott Hahn).

We live in strange times, when an African bishop can cite an American convert from protestantism as an authority at a synod in Rome…

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