Whatever fantasy you fancy…

There was a letter in The Age today by an ex-pat in China about the impact of the “That Bloody Film” (based on “That Bloody Book”, aka The Da Vinci Code”). He went to see it with his Chinese wife (the film was dubbed into Chinese). The reaction?

“The Chinese audience loved it. My wife even insisted on buying the book (in Chinese). I pointed out that it was a complete fantasy; her reply was that all religion was fantasy, but that sometimes we need a bit of fantasy.”

Ah yes. That’s how insidious This Bloody Book/Film is. In line with its general Gnostic approach, it casts the Christian Faith adrift from any anchorage in history. History is ditched in favour of “a complete fantasy”, but what does that matter? “All religion is fantasy” anyway, s what does it matter which fantasy is chosen by those who “need a bit of fantasy” as a crutch in their life?

[Reader: They’re all looney losers anyway…
Schütz: Yeah, it’s a good thing we’re so bloody rational, isn’t it?]

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