An update on the Assisted Reproductive Treatments bill

As noted below, the Brumby government was getting very anxious that it might not be able to get its Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill 2008 through the upper house.

As Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini writes below, it seems that the effects of the Government’s determined, reckless, who-gives-a-damn attitude to social re-engineering is starting to show at the opinion polls level too…

Dear Colleagues,

Faced with the prospect of a defect in the Legislative Council, Mr Brian Tee MP, the parliamentary secretary to the Attorney General, has moved that the ART bill be refered to the legislation ctee. The motion was seconded by leader of the opp in the Council. The motion was passed 23-14.

This decision may reflect concern that the government is losing public support in the polls and is concerned about the legislation. If that is so it may mean that the legislation is simply allowed to lapse. Alternatively it may mean that the government will bring forward a raft of amendments to the Bill and then take it back to the Assembly.

It is not clear what process will be followed by the Legislative Committee and whether it will follow a consultative process and seek public comment.

The news is therefore good in that the progress of the Bill has stalled but it may mean problems ahead if it is brought back to the Assembly.


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  1. Athanasius says:

    David, can you post the link to Tonti-Filippini’s full statement? I’d like to take a look everything he’s said on this.

  2. Schütz says:

    There is no link. That was a report of developments he made to those on the mailing list of the Ad Hoc Interfaith Committee. That is everything he said on the matter.

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