Cathy and David at the Movies: Quantum of Solace

David: The latest James Bond movie (the second with Daniel Craig as 007) takes up exactly where Casino Royale left off in 2006. Aside from Craig, Judi Dench is M, Mathieu Almaric is villain Dominic Greene and (previously unknown French Ukrainian) Olga Kurylenko is Camille (this film’s standard Bond girl).

Cathy: From the first breathtaking scenes to the end, this Bond movie is all about action, and the more extreme the better. I found myself holding my breath on many occasions throughout the movie as Bond bounces from one high octane action sequence to another.

David: “Bounces” is the word for it. I know this is supposed to be a fantasy, but the only way Bond could survive any of those chase scenes is if he were made of indestructible rubber. He’s not a superhero, but he survives action sequences more extreme than anything we’ve seen in Spiderman or Batman.

Cathy: The story line is thin on the ground, and what little there is seemed to be a bit confusing at times. The focus is more on the action than on any actual spying. However Daniel Craig does the moody revenge-driven Bond exceptionally well. And Judi Dench’s M adds a human touch to the film.

David: Yes, there is an obvious effort in these latest films to give some depth to Bond’s character, but it still remains fairly shallow. It is quite clear that the plot only exists to connect together the action sequences. And admittedly these visually complex scenes are very well done. I don’t think we have seen much better in this genre. I loved the Tosca scene where the on-stage fight was juxtaposed with the backstage battle to Puccini’s soundtrack.

Cathy: I was impressed with the tight, sharp cinematography of the car chase and the hand-to-hand combat. And even some of the location images, such as Haiti, were beautifully portrayed.

David: If you are a fan of James Bond movies, this film has everything you require. If you’re not, then don’t go see it. I’m giving it 2½ stars as a movie over all – although if I were rating it on the action scenes alone, it would be a 4 star job.

Cathy: Fast paced and exciting, good for an adrenalin rush. I’m giving it 3½ stars.

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  1. Past Elder says:

    I bloody loved it!

    I was a fan of the earlier Bond movies from Dr No on, however, as that led to reading the Fleming novels, the lack of a hermeneutic of continuity, shall we say, between the Bonds was apparent, and much as I enjoyed the Bond flicks for pure fun fantasy I wished the Bond of the books were on the screen too.

    Now he is! Or at least a reasonable effort thereat. Yes there’s lots of action and special effects, it isn’t all built around gadgets introduced by Q at the outset, and Camille is far from the standard Bond girl to be eye candy taken to bed but a counterpart and action character in her own right. Plus, they seem to be building on the general story line of the books, starting as they did with Casino Royale.

    Wouldn’t it be great, given the reasons Sean Connery abandoned the role years ago and the new direction of the current Bond series, if he had a part in one of these something like the appearance of the original Catherine, Faye Dunaway, in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair?

    All in all, I waited to leave until the final credits had run, and had the same excitement when I saw “James Bond Will Return” at the very end as I did all those years ago!

    Und Christine — Olga Kurylenko, die Fegefeuerliste ganz bestimmt!

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