The Advent Conspiracy

You might have already seen this, but if not, check it out and show it to your friends and family.

Mind you, it might make you feel a little guilty.

On my wife’s side of the family, we give TEAR gifts at Christmas.

On my side, we do a “lottery” to see who is buying for who.

It’s virtuous to give TEAR gifts.

It’s fun to get and give presents.

Except: when the gift you get really is unwanted or pointless. That happens.

So where does that leave me? With a guilty delight (or as Chesterton might call it – a natural joy) in spending money to give nice things to those I love. And an even guiltier joy (or perhpas even more natural) in getting nice things from the same!

End of confession. Time to rewatch the video and get all virtuous again for Advent…

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  1. Past Elder says:

    Well, we’ve got the Imago Dei Community in Portland OR, Windsor Crossing Community Church in St Louis MO, and Ecclesia Church in Houston TX. Hey — they use the three year lectionary, they must be OK. The word missional turns up a lot too, besides the water thing.

    Make me feel guilty? Hell no, except wondering if LCMS used to be over the door of one of these, or will be.

  2. eulogos says:

    I can’t watch the video from here.

    Re the TEAR gift of a piglet:
    I remember when our two piglets each year were a serious investment of family resources, and one of the most appreciated acts of charity I ever received was that of a vet, who seeing me arrive in my rust bucket of a car, crammed full with small children and two sick small piglets, charged me only for $5 worth of antibiotic filled syringes, and not for his professional services.
    We raised those piglets and ate well the next winter.

    I just bought alpaca socks from a local alpaca farm for each of my children and their spouses/significant others. Except my one son’s wife, the Orthodox one, whom I favor because she is a wife and a Christian one besides!, and who I could tell would have preferred an alpaca sweater such as I got for the guys last year, to the beautiful and expensive (for me) piece of Polish pottery I bought her. For her I got a sweater this year. But alpaca sweaters for all at $75 each just didn’t fit this year’s budget. Socks for all at 20 or 22 dollars the pair made enough of a a dent. They are great socks, though, as warm as wool and entirely itch free.

    Maybe next year I will consider these TEAR gifts. That would at least test how serious my liberal children really are about their concern for the poor!
    Susan Peterson

  3. Schütz says:

    Actually, Cathy corrected me. This year we are giving Lutheran World Service gifts…

    What’s the prob with the video? Is the video not appearing on the screen?

  4. eulogos says:

    No problem with the video, I just watched it from here at home. At work, all “active content” is filtered out somehow. I understand that it uses a great deal of bandwidth and slows other system functions.
    Any time there is a video, all I see at work is “Active content removed. Active content removed.”
    I can live with it. I am not strictly speaking supposed to use the internet at work for non work related functions, but since my boss’s boss goes around saying he pays his bills on the internet at work, and books airplane flights for his vacation, so why does he need to pay for internet services at home…I think I am safe to read a Catholic blog now and then. Unless they get upset with me about anything else, of course. Then it could be used.
    But if you get in that situation they can always find something anyway.

    No problem with your blog, anyway.

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