New Year of Grace entry

It has been a long time coming. Here it is for those of you following the story. I had to edit this one a little. Lot’s of personal stuff in there. Some people have said I am taking a great risk with this project of either putting to much of personal life into the public square or of causing offence to my Lutherans sistern and brethren. But it is an historical document. It is what happened at the time. I am a different person now and in a different place, but we don’t get anywhere by sweeping the past under the carpet. That’s my philosophy anyway. Tell me what you think.

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  1. Past Elder says:

    I think you should bloody well publish it if you choose.

    As to Lutheran sistern and brethren (Judas H am I resisting getting into Greek and English stuff about brothers and brethren) getting offended, here’s one (that is, if you consider me Lutheran, a brother, or both!) who is not offended in the least. I just think you’re wrong twice over (once for accepting something as Catholicism that isn’t, once for leaving the Gospel rightly taught and the sacraments rightly administered). But offended? Nah. (Gratuitous parenthetical comment.)

    Plus, I would hardly be a person to say you should be silent about how your relationship to faith has worked out over time in your life!

    Carry on.

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