Pope's Christmas Address to Curia 2008

Well, ever since his first Christmas address to the Curia in 2005 when he floated his “hermeneutic of continuity” idea in relation to Vatican II (a phrase now “up there” with “dictatorship of relativism” as an iconic phrase of this pontificate), Vatican watchers have eagerly awaited the Holy Father’s annual address to his henchmen (and one or two women).

The English is yet to come out, but the Italian is here, and CNS has a news report here.

Nothing controversial this year, it appears (unless you think that the linking of the Church’s doctrine of Creation to the Church’s doctrine of marriage is controversial – see here).

However, there was this rather droll quip (quoting “the only philosopher worth reading” as is his want) in response to the World Youth Day “nay-sayers”:

Friedrich Nietzsche ha detto una volta: “L’abilità non sta nell’organizzare una festa, ma nel trovare le persone capaci di trarne gioia”.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “The difficulty is not in organizing a party, but in finding people able to take joy in it.”

Good one, Your Holiness!

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  1. Past Elder says:

    God bless me sideways, if it were his “want” then it would be something lacking or rare, but if it is something he frequently does, then it is his “wont”.

    Judas at the beach.

    Speaking of the beach, my Tasmanian devil roomie in grad school says everyone goes to the beach on Christmas — it being Summer there and all.

    Well, don’t suppose it was a white Christmas in Palestine either, so carry on and don’t let those European overlays dissuade you!

  2. Paul says:

    There is an unofficial English translation of Pope Benedict’s speech to the Curia at


    He doesn’t actually use the word homosexual at all. What he does do is challenge the assumptions in the “gender studies” courses at most universities. Perhaps Pat Power, Bob Brown and all the others criticising the Pope should address the issue and provide their arguments, rather than rushing into print with to attack the person.

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