BLOGNIC ALERT: The Second Annual Melbourne Catholic Bloggers Gathering (Sunday 25th January 6pm )

“Blognic” is a Fr Z. term for a gathering of bloggers for eating, drinking and conversation. We had one of these early last year (or was it late 2007 – can’t remember – too long ago anyway) when we gathered here to farewell Monica and to attend the launch of Dr Tracey Rowland’s book “Ratzinger’s Faith”.

Book launches seem a great opportunity for this sort of thing, and so Joshua (from Psallite Sapienter) and I have decided to call a Blognic (aka the 2nd Annual Melbourne Catholic Bloggers Gathering) for Sunday 25th of January at 6pm for dinner together and then to attend the launch of Dr Adam Cooper’s new book “Life in the Flesh: An anti-gnostic spiritual philosophy”.

The Book launch, which is at the Australian Catholic University (115 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy) from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, will also include Bishop Christopher Prowse as guest speaker on the topic ‘Making sense of human suffering – hope, witness and redemption.’

If you are interested, and can join us, please RSVP in the com-box. We won’t exclude non-Catholic bloggers – we’ll be ecumenical on this issue, I think! I haven’t thought of a meeting place just yet, but once we know who is coming we can organise where we meet and eat.

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  1. Hardman Window says:

    Dear Mr Schutz,
    I’m sure you will understand if The Warden, Mr Public Opinion, Hound and I excuse ourselves from attending. Although if its a public bar or restaurant, we may be the persons in the corner pretending to read newspapers.

  2. Schütz says:

    You could wear masks, perhaps…?

    (who was that masked man sitting next you, Josh?)

  3. Arabella-m says:

    I’m not a blogger, but a regular commenter in Catholic blog com-boxes, and will be in Melbourne at that time.

    Maybe I’ll join the other persons in the corner!

  4. Schütz says:

    Come along, Arabella – you know you would be most welcome! I should make the point that regular commentators are also welcome!

    (Commentators can be in charge of checking for anyone lurking behind newspapers in the corner!)

    Keep checking the blog as the time draws near and I will announce our meeting location.

  5. Past Elder says:

    You gonna not buy me those Qantas tix again this year?

  6. Joshua says:


    You’d be most welcome, just as Trent offered safe-conducts to the then-revolting Protestants!

    But alas on my salary I can’t pay for your ticket; have you tried gambling to raise the funds? It’s a very Catholic way to do it!

  7. Joshua says:

    And I look forward to meeting up with all and sundry, and promise not to reveal the identities of any of the Coo-ees crowd (I’ve only worked out whom one of them is anyway)…

  8. Br Pelagius says:

    Herr Shutz,

    Despite desperate pleas from Br Momus to allow us to attend, Br Prior has not moved from his original position. Plus we fear, by the time we return to The Priory for the night, it may be after Sr Magdalene’s bedtime.

    Please pass on our warmest wishes to all Priory pilgrims.

  9. Past Elder says:

    Hey, we’re still revolting.

    (Another joke. We even make them about ourselves.)

    On my salary I can’t pay for my ticket either.

    Guess I’ll plunk a Crocodile Dundee DVD in, and see if I can get Lito to go loaded for bear for both of us. A least his blog made the blogroll here.

  10. matthias says:

    I will not be there as I do not know what Mrs Matthias has planned,and I am also contemplating going to the Seafarers Mass at St Augustines at 8.00pm. A spiritual smorgasboard.

  11. L P Cruz says:


    I will try and come, I got my metal jacket handy.


  12. Schütz says:

    Time, Matty, for you to eat with us (Mrs Matty notwithstanding) and THEN go to the Seafarers mass instead of the Book Launch!

    LP Cruz would be welcome – we’d love to meet him. Jeff, can you come and bring your work colleague along?

    PE, I am thinking about putting one of those little paypal buttons in the sidebar with “Donations for PE to come to Oz Blognic” on it…

  13. Joshua says:

    Any ideas yet about where we could dine?

    I note that the day assigned will be the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany (the 3rd in Boring Time), or, better, the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul. How beaut!

  14. Joshua says:


    You have an amusing misprint above: Dr Cooper’s book is “anti-gnostic” not “anti-agnostic”!

  15. Schütz says:

    Thanks, Josh. Amusing. I’ve corrected it.

    No thoughts yet. Yes, we are celebrating Conversion of StP in our parish that day. Is there a “Damascus” street or restaurant in Melbourne?

    LP, not quite sure how your answer to my invite got posted before the actual invite – weird. Anyway, I should reword my invite and ask you to make sure that you bring Jeff with you.

    Which raises the question: There’s a few of you we haven’t heard from yet:

    Fraser Pearce (he can chose whether he wants to be an honourary Catholic Blogger for the night – or whether he will sit on LP Cruz’s side of the table!)
    Marco Vervoost

    Are you guys coming?

  16. Past Elder says:

    Fraser can have my seat, because I can’t make it but if I did I’d sure as hell be on LPC’s side of the table!

  17. matthias says:

    If I come where do i sit? I am neither Lutheran – was once-or catholic,just Baptist. Oh i know I will stand there and have a look on my face ,like a bad case of indigestion,whenever I am offered the demon drink ([pass the Guiness udner the table please joshua)

  18. Schütz says:

    We will find a place that serves Guiness for you, Matthias!

  19. Miss Monification says:

    The Imperial is always good! So is the Cricker’s Bar… The Commune is closer … Depends what you want really! Sigh… wish I could come and help you decide Schutzy.

  20. Christine says:

    Matthias (I love the name Matthias!), you will sit anywhere you darn well please! This Catholic would be delighted to make your acquaintance!

    PE will be required to recite the entire Summa by heart even if he is sitting on LPC’s side :-)

  21. Schütz says:

    Hiya Mon! How’s it going? When are you going to put something new up on your blog to let us know what’s happening?

  22. L P Cruz says:


    It is hard being infamous, but someone has to be it. (LOL)

    But I think PE and I should be very very happy to sing A Mighty Fortress.(LOL)


  23. Past Elder says:

    Hell Lito, A Mighty Fortress was the recessional hymn when I graduated from die Abtei’s university!

  24. Christine says:

    Hi Lito,

    Well, since A Mighty Fortress is in just about every hymnal these days (including at my Catholic parish) we can ALL sing it together!

  25. Joshua says:

    David et al.,

    We’d better decide where we’ll be meeting ASAP!

    (BTW, owing to my earlier plans for staying with friends in Caulfield having fallen through, I’ll be lodging in Parkville instead.)

  26. Schütz says:

    Yes, I will make a new post on this. Check the main blog.

    My suggestion at this point is that we should meet at the Cathedral gardens by the statues of St Francis and St Catherine on the Eastern Side at 5:30pm (I presume it won’t be raining – if it is, we gather under the cloisters of the Cardinal Knox Building close by).

    We can decide where we eat then.

  27. Schütz says:

    If you are coming, please email me at and I will give you my mobile phone number so you can contact me on the evening.

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