Telstra "Help" Line – a new defintion of the word "help"?

Having virtually no other avenue of protest, I would simply like to register the fact here that I have REPEATEDLY been frustrated by the Telstra “help” line.

This isn’t the first time, but today I once again spent a hour on the phone to their “help” line, this time trying to register my new mobile phone account for their online services. I had to ring in four separate times, the first information I was given didn’t work, the second got cut off, the third was to someone in the Philippines (after hearing Telstra’s theme song “I am, you are, we are Australian”) who could barely speak english and then cut me off, the fourth put me on hold for half an hour, then the last finally told me that their online services doesn’t work for new accounts, and the account number they have for me isn’t the right account number and I will only know the account number when I get my first bill.

Not happy, Jan.

What have your experiences been with Telstra or Bigpond “help” lines?

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  1. matthias says:

    Optus is phillipines based for its help line
    Barry Plant Real Estate Agency after hours service is phillipines based
    Telstra’s 1223 lines is aussie based but you have to deal with the automated “male” voice that usually in the end has me shouting YES YOU IDIOT as i say i want Human Services Dept and i get Alice’s Cake Shop!!! When i was working in a operating theatre i had someone ring through a pizza order all due to a Telstra misprint. I said i coulod only give them kidneys!!

  2. matthias says:

    Further to above, i did say “coulod” as I was wearing a mask.
    Wonder if Telstra was about in the 1950’s if Jimmy Little’s ROYAL TELEPHONE hit would have reflected this.
    “Telephone to Glory almost anytime
    I can hear the automated speaker/overseas operator
    coming on the line”
    Ah Telstra -wouldn’t be dead for quids!!

  3. Tony Bartel says:

    For those Australians who are not offended by a little vulgarity, the following link is a good summary of what Telstra has become:

    If you are from elsewhere in the world, the clip is about Sol Trujillo, the American CEO of Telstra.

  4. Schütz says:

    Thanks, Lopez. I feel better after that…


  5. Jeff Tan says:

    Oh, I say!

  6. Anonymous says:

    send telstra a complaint – they usually give you a month’s free line rental as an “apology”!

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