The Start of the Obama Presidency…

Reading in the papers the last few days, I must say I was very happy with many of the new President’s first moves – especially in relation to Gaza and the middle east.

But the other side of the coin didn’t take long in surfacing either.


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  1. Clara says:

    David, I too was dismayed by the lifting of the abortion ban – the speed with which he acted reveals those to whom he owed election debts.

  2. matthias says:

    Wait till the -to quote Cardinal Pole- Sodomites league call in their IOUs.
    -More gay bishops in the Episcopal Church??
    Catholics and other Christians who refuse to recognise gays in the light of “new translations” of Scripture could face,censure and perhaps gaol.

  3. Mikha'el says:

    I find it incredible that Obama could act so unreasonably, even by his own standards. I say ‘unreasonably’ for the following reasons:

    Obama confessed that he did not know when a baby gets human rights. His response to the question ‘at what point does a baby get human rights’ was ‘Answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.’

    I remember hearing the following story (which I think was attributed to G. K. Chesterton): suppose you came across a house in the middle of the woods and you wanted to knock it down. And suppose that you did not know what it was there for. The very fact that you did not know why it was there would be the reason why you would not knock it down, until you found out what it was there for. This is the (common sense) don’t shoot principle: if you’re out hunting and you don’t know what it is that is rustling in the bushes, don’t shoot, because it could be your fellow hunter.

    So if Obama doesn’t know when life begins, the don’t abort principle applies. It is gravely irresponsible to shoot. But what is gravely dishonest of Obama is his pre-election intention to reduce abortions (see quote below) viewed in light of his post-election action which will increase abortions.

    ‘For me, the goal right now should be- and this is where I think we can find common ground- and by the way I have now inserted this in the Democratic Party platform- is, how do we reduce the number of abortions, because the fact is, is that although we have had a president who is opposed to abortion over the last eight years, abortions have not gone down …’

  4. Louise says:

    It’s no more than we expected, which is why so many of us have been so dismayed at his election.

    Still, unless I’m mistaken, the situation in Oz has been worse all along, because our taxes have been paying for abortions (which, I think, are still technically illegal in some states) for years.

    IOW, we Aussies probably need to be more focussed on our own dire situation.

  5. Louise says:

    Also, we need to realise that the reasons the pro-life civil rights movement has been not very successful are that Capitalism requires the maximum number of people in the labour market, to ensure that wages are kept as low as possible. This means that women must be encouraged to remain in the labour market as long as possible. Babies have an annoying tendency to get in the way of that and so must be able to be disposed of should there be even the slightest doubt of a woman’s wishing be pregnant. Thus, all the moneyed interests including and *especially* the mainstream media are tied up in promoting abortion. Hence, the failure of pro-lifers to change things significantly has nothing to do with our “not caring about the baby once its born” (which is a load of tosh) etc. It has everything to do with money and power, neither of which we have, speaking in worldly terms.

  6. Louise says:

    BTW, Kathy Shaidle (blogger) believes the pro-life civil rights movement will ultimately win. Why? Because of continuing advancements in technology, which will only alert people more and more to the truth of what abortion really is and because of the few movie-makers who make movies with a pro-life theme, such as “Knocked Up” and “Juno” (neither of which I have seen, btw).

    And what do these require? (Again, in worldly terms). Money and power.

    IOW, I’m not going to beat up fellow pro-lifers, no matter how unhelpful, incompetent etc they might be. The pro-choicers have plenty of dingbats on their side, but it makes hardly any difference because of the moneyed push for abortion.

    God bless Belloc and “The Free Press”… I’m on fire today!

  7. Louise says:

    Wait till the -to quote Cardinal Pole- Sodomites league call in their IOUs.

    God bless Pole, too.

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