A message from Vic Police on my mobile phone…

That’s interesting. And quite amazing. I didn’t know they could do this.

I just received a text message to my mobile phone as follows:

Msg from Vic Polic: Extreme weather in Vic experted Mon night & Tues. High wind & fire risk. Listen to local ABC radio for emergency updates. Do not reply to this.

Did everyone in Victoria receive this message on their phone?

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9 Responses to A message from Vic Police on my mobile phone…

  1. Anonymous says:

    omg i got that text message too!
    i wonder how they got my number..

  2. matthias says:

    As you live in CFA Region 13 Schutz then that is a CFA area so they would have done it that way.However talking with a colleague who is also a CFA volunteer everyone in the State will get one.Gee and their new Chief Commissioner ‘Lantern” Overland will get the bill. Why Lantern-he’s bright but got to be carried-so some in Victoria police say.

  3. Tony says:

    Had this in SA at the time we were sending that dreadful weather over to you (the Friday before what is now being dubbed as ‘Black Saturday’).

    I believe it’s a ‘service’ provided by Telstra to its customers (only?).

    (Be handy if you were interstate or overseas!)

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not with telstra and I got a message.
    Kind of has the potential to be a bit concerning lol.
    Hopefully Brunswick doesn’t burn down!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I got this message just then and im with optus (personal Phone), my other phones are with tpg and telstra and they both received this message. i believe It is being sent to all mobile phones in victoria or maybe just the people living near the areas that are currently on fire. I live in pakenham and the closet fires to pakenham are in bunyip, just a few minutes away.

  6. Tony says:

    Yes, my information about Telstra was SSHS (something that someone heard somewhere) so not so reliable.

    Also the text we got was a ‘health warning’ (for the extreme hot weather) not so much a fire warning.

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  7. Joshua says:

    Hey, I got this message too – which is a bit surprising, since I haven’t lived in Victoria since the first half of 2006! (Since then I’ve been in WA, and now am back in Tasmania.)

  8. Sharon says:

    I live in surburban Melbourne and I received a message. Does this mean that grandma in Carlton on the advice of her grandson who received the message has to pack her bag and be prepared to evacuate?

    According to my local police station the message originates from the premier’s department. I phoned premier’s dept and was told that the messages were because people complained that they weren’t told about the severity of the fires and that there would be winds up to 150 kms an hour on Tuesday even though the weather bureau was saying winds up to 80kms an hour. I am a little concerned that, although I support warning people in bushfire areas, the state wide warnings could cause panic among the elderly and vulnerable via their relatives with mobile phones.

  9. Vicci says:

    Optus: 4 pm
    Vodafone: around half eight.

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