Jumping the Gun on the New Liturgical Translation in South Africa

Can you make sense of this story in Cathnews or the picture (above) they chose to accompany it?

1) Why did Cathnews re-head the story “Southern Africans rebel against new Mass translation”, when in CNS, where it was originally printed, the heading was “Southern African bishops seek Vatican OK to keep new Mass translations”?

2) Why is the story illustrated in Cathnews with something called the “Vatican II Missal”? Is there such a thing? I didn’t think so… If anything deserves to be called that, wouldn’t it be more like the Missal of John XXIII than of Paul VI?

3) What is the story actually about? It appears like the bishops in South Africa gave permission for the new texts to be used, and where it was used there was some negative feedback from the pews. Well, that’s to be expected, especially if they were introduced cold, rather than using this period before the universal implementation of the new translations as a period of catechesis and preparation.

4) Still, far from this being a case of the “bad ol’ Vatican” telling people they HAVE TO use the new translations, it appears that the Vatican is in fact saying that they SHOULD NOT be using them. So exactly what is the point of the Cathnews heading about “rebellion”? It appears that the “rebels” are those who want to use the new translations ahead of time, not those who don’t want it!

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12 Responses to Jumping the Gun on the New Liturgical Translation in South Africa

  1. Kiran says:

    I am not surprised. I sometimes wonder which planets most Bishops inhabit, and whether the best thing to do would not be to tell them to go their room and think about what they have done, and not let them out till they are willing to say sorry.

    notensed: Like the EF. (alt.) Unlike PE.

  2. Jase says:

    Remember, the missal of J23 is the 1962 missal – or rather that is the common use of language

  3. mike says:

    True. I just read that article and I spent more than half of it confused as to how the headline bore any resemblence to the article

  4. Sharon says:

    I just read that article and I spent more than half of it confused as to how the headline bore any resemblence to the article.

    I used to feel that way,and send emails to Cathnews, when I read some Cathnews headlines. I don’t feel that way anymore because I don’t read Cathnews anymore. I got sick of their bottom feeder trawling for any media article which portrayed Catholicism negatively.

  5. christl242 says:

    David, are you showing the covers of the Vatican II “Millenium” Missals published by the Daughters of St. Paul way back and still available here in the U.S.?


  6. Schütz says:

    Is that what they are?

  7. christl242 says:

    Yep, I believe so.

    I will say the commentary in these missals is better than the St. Joseph missals published by Catholic Book Publishing that appeared in the U.S. after the council. The commentary in those read like it was composed around a 70’s campfire.


  8. eulogos says:

    I have a Novus Ordo Missal which is titled “Vatican II Weekday Missal.” It is by the Daughter’s of St. Paul and boasted “complete texts of every weekday Mass from 1975 to 1999 and thereafter.

    There was a Vatican II council and after that a new mass was introduced. The popular perception was certainly that this was what the council wanted and that it had been brought about by the council, and this was certainly the story that was “pushed” everywhere.
    Susan Peterson

  9. christl242 says:

    Yes, Susan, that’s the one. Also comes in a Sunday edition.


  10. christl242 says:

    Speaking of new texts . . .

    What a delight to find at my LCMS parish that we still pray the Nicene Creed in the traditional manner. Which the RCC is now backtracking to restore (that is, if the bishops can decide whether using the term “substance” is not too complicated for postconciliar Catholics in the pew).


  11. eulogos says:

    May I edit my own post to remove the shameful apostrophe in “Daughter’s” ugh!
    I hate it when I do something which is one of my pet peeves when someone else does it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    There are no Vatican II Missals and Mr SChurz if the Novus Ordo requires a Missal it is more properly the Missal Promulgated by Paul VI. He promulgated the New Ordo in 1969. Please research before blabbing off as usual….

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