Maddy's Easter Poem

My poetical 10yr-old daughter has written an Easter Poem. (For her Christmas poem, see here). Here it is.

All the shops they think its funny
to sell a chocolate easter bunny
and all young children nag their mums
“please mum buy us hot cross buns”
hunting for eggs on easter day
lots of childeren play and play
but is that the reason easter’s here?
Listen up I’ll tell you clear

Jesus took up his cross and clattered
Then jesus christ was whiped and battered
They nailed up the inocent man
And who was watching? all the clan!
Jesus died upon a cross
The diciples thoght “oh what a loss”
Dear Mother Mary didn’t hide
She held him up and cryed and cryed

They buried Jesus in a tomb
Wrapped in linen made on a loom
And there he stayed until the third day
When he got up and walked away
His friends all thought that he was gone
But he was in the garden on the lawn
So now we have eternal life
so we’ll be saved when we’re in strife

So that’s the reason Easter’s here
I hope you listened – I told you clear.

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5 Responses to Maddy's Easter Poem

  1. Cathy says:

    Just registering for the comments.

  2. Tom says:

    Your daughter’s poetry is charming. Practical theology huh? :D

  3. Pax says:

    I love the way the young see so clearly and your young one has flair, I liked her “Listen up I’ll tell you clear” and the way it was mirrored at the end by “I hope you listened-I told you clear”

  4. Peregrinus says:

    Your daugher is both wise and talented beyond her years! You must be doing something right at home.

  5. Louise says:

    May I pop this on my blog in its entirety? With a link of course.

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