Back on the "e-Planet"

Just a short note to say that I am finally back on the “e-Planet” after having “dropped off” for a bit. It took me forever to find a way of getting connected to the Internet here in Rome, but all is honky dory now, and as soon as I get time to scratch myself, I will upload a few reports.

Just to cause a little bit of scandal and mayhem on the internet, I will tell you that Cathy and I did the unthinkable tonight: we walked out of a Papal Mass at St John Lateran, giving our entrance tickets to someone who would have appreciated it more. For why you will have to wait until I catch up with that part of my travel log for today. It was nothing against Papa Benny (who hadn’t even arrived yet), and everything about the way Italians do these things… We ended up at St Pauls outside the Walls for the Maundy Thursday mass, which was a tremendous experience.

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  1. Tom says:

    ma questi Italiani! Loro sono pazzo!

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