Apocalypse Now

Details of my next course in Third Term with Anima Education.

Come along to find a way of reading the Book of the Revelation to St John. It wasn’t meant to be a mystery – the key is simply knowledge of scripture! Nor is it about the distant past or the distant future: it was written to give us hope in Christ here and now.

12 hours of interactive lecture/discussion
Mondays July 27—Aug 31
6.30-8.30 pm
Mary Glowrey House, 132 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy
(opposite Carlton Gardens)
Total cost : $90, payable in advance
For more information or to register, contact Joan on 9926 5733 or email jclements@melbourne.catholic.org.au

A joint project of Anima Education and the Catholic Women’s League

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One Response to Apocalypse Now

  1. Louise says:

    How I would love to hear this!

    Actually, David, I don’t suppose you’d consider coming down to Tas next year sometime to address some of our groups here on this topic or some other of your choosing?

    I’ll send you an email in the next week or two.

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