AMA President's "final solution": RU486

You know that the world has gone totally crazy when the National President of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, can make the following statement: “it is certainly far safer to terminate a pregnancy with RU-486 than to take the pregnancy to term” (Senate Committee Hansard 15 Dec 05–top of page CA3).

It is either time to go an live on a desert island, crawl down into your retro-bunker, seal it shut and put “Quarantine” on the inside of the exit lid for good measure (as in last night’s episode of “Lost”), or to get seriously busy on the “purification of reason” that Pope Benedict calls for in his encyclical.

Yes, there is a certain “logic” to the good Doctor’s statement, but it is a logic more akin to the Nazi “final solution” than to civilized humanism. The logical conclusion of his statement is that all doctors should immediately administer RU-486 to any woman who has caught the “disease” of pregnancy. It will give her a much better chance of survival. Unfortunately, it will have the side effect of completely pulling the plug on the ultimate survival of the human race as a whole…

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