An Apology to my Lutheran Brothers in Ministry

Dear friends,

The gentle wisdom of one who sits at this table sharing our port and discussion on a regular basis has alerted me to the fact that I expressed myself too “strongly” when I rebutted the complaint from a commentator on Fraser’s blog that when Lutheran pastors abandone their Lutheran ministries to become Catholic laymen

it appears prime face to be a very self-centered, if not necessarity selfish course of action. It certainly raises the qn of Vows. Does one similarly walk away from a marriage if not everything is going well?

I responded along the lines that one is not morally bound by vows that are invalid and used a “strong” metaphor of comparison.

I need to apologise for putting it TOO strongly.

I did not intend to cast scorn or derision upon the Lutheran Office of the Holy Ministry, which indeed exists for the service of the Gospel and is, for that reason, greatly efficacious to the salvation of many. I have the greatest respect for the work of my brothers in Christ who serve as Lutheran pastors and meant no offense.

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2 Responses to An Apology to my Lutheran Brothers in Ministry

  1. Fraser Pearce says:

    David, I know that you love the church from which you came and the people within it. I always read what you say with the knowledge of this love, and so I’m never offended by what you say or write.

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