A spike in hits on SCE

Astounding. I have just spent some time trying to work out why today my site had about 200 more visits than SCE has been averaging lately. Turns out that Fr Cutie has gone and married his girlfriend. All the extra visits were due to my post on this saga and took place in the early hours of our morning, ie. about evening news time in the States. Simply astounding.

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2 Responses to A spike in hits on SCE

  1. FrGregACCA says:

    I would imagine your feelings about this are profoundly mixed. Of course, you are happy about the increase in hits. OTOH, it must be weird to see all this hits coming on a post the subject of which is fit mostly for the tabloids. Oh well…

    On my blog, where I am sure the hits are only a fraction of yours, there are consistently a good number of visits to a little piece I wrote called “Passing the Peace: It ain’t Half-Time, Folks”. Go figure.

  2. matthias says:

    AS I said the ex priest is marrying the cutie

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