Congratulations +Christopher, Lord Bishop of Sale

The Bishop of Sale

The Bishop of Sale

Well, the other boot has finally fallen. It didn’t take a fortune-teller to predict that our beloved Bishop Chris Prowse was the Bishop-most-likely to be assigned to Sale. I wasn’t the first to hear the news, but I can say that I heard it from the man himself, as I ran into him in the car park before the start of the Solemn Vespers for the Inauguration of the Year of St Paul.

They have certainly been patient out there in Sale, but God has blessed their waiting. Expect great things from the East in the near future.

Of course, that means we are one bishop down again here in Melbourne. Talk about musical chairs…

And speaking of falling boots, I just love this Goon Show episode:

GREENSLADE: Meanwhile, unknown to Seagoon, a different expedition has already reached the forest of Ying-Tong-Iddle-I-Po, collecting moss for the BBC. At this very moment indeed, its members are bedding down in their tents under the jungle moon.

MINNIE: Oh dear, yim-bom-biddle-oh, melodies divine. Have you tucked the ends of the sheets in, Henry?

HENRY: Yes, yes Min, yes.

MINNIE: Oh dear. Have you put the hot water bottle in?


MINNIE: Good, good good…

HENRY: Oh Min!

MINNIE: …It’s very hot tonight, I think I’ll have a cold water bottle.

HENRY: Here, we will have to get these tents redecorated.


HENRY: The wallpaper is peeling.

MINNIE: Oh dear, I’ll get a new roll from London, Henry.

HENRY: Good, good, good.

MINNIE: Yes, it is good.

HENRY: Did you put the tiger out, Min?

MINNIE: Yes, I did, I, I put the tiger out, Henry.

HENRY: And don’t forget to tell the camel driver no milk tomorrow.

GRAMS: Loud dull thuds, continue under following conversation:

MINNIE: Ohhhhhhhheeoh. What, what’s that? What’s that? Ohhh.

HENRY: It’s all right Min, it’s just those noisy people in the tent upstairs. (calls) Who’s that walking about upstairs?

ECCLES: (off) I’m the famous Eccles! I got friends in.

HENRY: He’s the famous Eccles and he’s got friends in, Min. (calls) Do you mind taking those noisy boots off?

ECCLES: (off) OK.

FX: Two thuds.

MINNIE: Ahh, that’s better.

FX: Thud

MINNIE: Ohh, I didn’t know he had three legs, Henry.

HENRY: He hasn’t, Min, he hasn’t, he has a one legged friend. Goodnight Min.

MINNIE: Goodnight, buddy.

FX: Thud.


HENRY: He’s got two one legged friends!

FX: Thud.

MINNIE: That, or one three legged friend, Henry.

HENRY: Yes. Well goodnight Min.

MINNIE: Goodnight, little mmnnnn naughty Henry. Goodnight little Henry! … Goodnight.

And continuing the boot jokes…

Bishop Prowse having his sole heeled on the streets of Istanbul

Bishop Prowse having his sole heeled on the streets of Istanbul

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6 Responses to Congratulations +Christopher, Lord Bishop of Sale

  1. Matthias says:

    Okay well I work for a Catholic Social Service agency and I was walking into one of our nursing homes,and spoke to the pastoral care worker ,who told me that Bishop Prowse was going to Sale.That was about two or three weeks ago. She then said ,that what is really good is the facility is within his diocese even though it is close to Melbourne.

    Goon show program made in the late 50s’ around the time of the Maralinga and Monte Bello Island tests off North west Oz
    Loud explosion like an atomic bomb. Boy ?on Christmas Island ,says to his Mum
    “That’s the second one for the day”
    Mum” You are a lucky boy”

    • Schütz says:

      You must have been down Cranbourne or Berwick Way. In fact, the border runs along Hallam Road in Hampton Park. The irony is that while the major part of the population of the diocese is in these satellite suburbs of Melbourne, Sale itself, where the Bishop has his seat, is 180km to the east, 2.5 hours drive away along the freeway…

  2. Matthias says:

    Yes i certainly was down that way.The facility was actually blessed by one of his predecessor Bishops ‘ of Sale when it was opened.

  3. Joshua says:

    Sale is only viable as a diocese – based on its lay membership, not its number of clergy – because two-thirds of its population consists of denizens of the SE suburbs of Melbourne; and the border only runs where it does because Daniel Mannix ceded that corner of Melbourne to Sale back in the 1940’s, I think, when it was still open farmland. The original border ran to the immediate east of Pakenham, which would actually make far better sense, as delimiting the edge of the modern conurbation of Melbourne, and the frontier of the rural area of Gippsland.

    • matthias says:

      That would explain the presence of the Maryknoll Community in Snells Road PAKENHAM. Can anyone elucidate as to what that was about. I was down there 10 years ago undertaking placement supervision of a youth work student who was doing clinical placement at a therapeautic community down Snells Road

  4. David Kennedy says:

    I spoke to him at my son’s confirmation last week, and he looks a lot greyer these days. Being a bishop is not an easy gig.

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