Jesus is out of his box!

Anyone who has visited the ground floor of the Cardinal Knox Centre in recent times would have noticed a large statue of the Sacred Heart in a glass box. It was not the best place to put him, but I understand that the Historical Commission was looking for a good home for him and that was the only free spot that could be found.

I have taken to arriving at work in the morning and tossing a cheery “‘morning Jesus” in his direction.

What what a surprise to come to work earlier in the week and discover that Jesus is out of his box! What’s more, it appears he has been ousted by nothing less than a didgeridoo!!

Was this a cunning plot in the never-ending battle between indigenous art and Catholic kitsch?

No, it turns out the didgeridoo is the one that was used in the 1973 Eucharistic Congress indigenous liturgy. Because it is fragile, and the fibreglass Jesus isn’t, the didgeridoo was placed in the box and Jesus was let out for a breath of fresh air. In short, Jesus is big enough to look after himself.

All well and good, but you never know what some joker is going to come along and do in the meantime…

[Reader: You naughty boy!
Schütz: Please sir, Peter Plustwick made me do it!]

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