Watching the Worm

It is a vain thing to do, but I have a site meter attached to this blog and I keep an eye on it to see if the blog is “hitting the spot”.

Back before I migrated to WordPress, Sentire Cum Ecclesia was getting almost 8000 hits a month. Currently it is running at just under 4000. But my old site on Blogger is still getting about 1,500 a month, so I guess that means that “in toto”, SCE is running at about 5,500. Some way to go to building up the old community, of course. I wonder if, for some reason, the old Blogger site was picked up more easily by Google or something? Could be. When I do a google search on “Sentire Cum Ecclesia”, my blogs are the first two entries to come up – but the blogger site is listed first.


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9 Responses to Watching the Worm

  1. Matthias says:

    Well Schutz i have just returned from a trip to Adelaide so will make up for lost time

  2. Tony Bartel says:

    My suggestion is that three things may have happened which might have decreased your tally.

    1. Shortly after you changed to wordpress you went away to Turkey & Europe. During this period your blogging dropped off. You may have lost some momentum in terms of blog viewers.

    2. You rate of blogging seems to have decreased. I cannot back that up statistically – it is only an impression I have. This would lead to a decrease in viewers.

    3. I have your blog listed in an RSS feed on my web browser. This means that I am automatically alerted when you have a new post. I don’t have to go to your sight to check if you have a new post. As more people adopt this technology, your number of viewers will decrease as they dod not actually “hit” your sight.

    Those are my suggestions for what they are worth.

    Tony Bartel

    • Schütz says:

      1. Guilty as charged.

      2. Guilty as charged. I will try to make amends. Life seems to be very busy lately…

      3. Hmm. I have always wondered whether a “view” by RSS feed counts as a “hit”. I wonder how you can find out who subscribes to your feed?

  3. Joshua says:

    Well, my little blog gets about 2000 hits a month, so I’m surprised yours doesn’t much get more, but then again I agree completely with Tony’s comments above: please post more often!

  4. matthias says:

    I come to this blog then hop over into the other blogs,but i always check on this one first. It is also good to see Cardinal Pole commenting here albeit in another comm box ,after a break

  5. Harry says:

    I think that the problem is that you made it harder to comment.

    • Schütz says:

      Ah. I did, didn’t I? (Grumble. I hate Trolls). Not “harder” – just more controlled. But that should only mean that the number of comments should have decreased. Or do you think there is a correlation between the ease of commenting and the likelihood of reading the blog?

      • Louise says:

        Almost certainly your lower rate is related to the comments. When you were at blogger, you would not unusually have 50+ comments to a thread, when things were really cranked up. That’s 50 page views just for the comments not including the people that would read the comments without leaving comments themselves. I normally read the comments here (often more than once) even if I’m not posting. That counts as a hit every time, I think.

  6. Harry says:

    Past Elder, Weedon and some others use to comment and it was edifying to see these comments even if you or others didn’t agree with them.

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