The Five Meme (Thanks, Shannon)

Shannon tagged me for the “Five” meme some time ago, so here goes.

Five Things in my Freezer
1. Discounted meat from Coles
2. last week’s leftover’s (for lunch next week)
3. Bacon
4. bag of frozen chips
5. peas (ditto in my experience to Shannon’s—good for using on bruises as an ice pack)

Five Things in my Closet
1. My Collection of Waistcoats
2. My Collection of Ties, Bowties and Cravats
3. My Collection of Hats
4. Lots of Black stuff (I live in Melbourne, where we don’t need a “new black”)
5. Lots of White shirts

Five Items in my Car.
1. Audio Books from the library
2. A can of oil (I have one of those cars that you fill up with oil and top up with petrol)
3. Dental Floss (for some reason, it is always in the car that I notice that I have something stuck between my teeth)
4. A faded umbrella
5. Pipe and tobacco

Five interesting things in my briefcase
1. Pipe and tobacco
2. MP3 player
3. A book of Sudoku puzzles
4. Rosary and prayer books
5. An edition of ACU’s Ethics Education journal on Intelligent Design

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