Welcome addition to the world of blogging: Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum

Finally, one of best analytical minds of the Lutheran Church of Australia has taken the plunge and gotten his own blogsite. Yes, my dear friend, one-time colleague and God-Father to my daughter Mia, Pastor Fraser Pearce, has his own blogsite: Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum (and you thought my blog name was a little overdoing the latin…).

Fraser is not an “obscure” man, although the lack of detail in his “profile” might lead you to think this. He is the latest and most junior member of the Australian Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue, a true catholic at heart (lacking no vital ingredients in the cake–needing only mixing and baking), a philosopher (he has the masters degree to prove it) and a theologian (that’s the ecclesiatical equiv. of an “officer and a gentleman”–he is the latter also).

Please forgive him the fact that he only has two entries on his blog for now. Being a new Dad for the third time will take its toll–on his wife Margaret, at least. Fraser, if he follows previous form, is getting plenty of good night’s sleep due to the ear plugs he treacherously inserts upon retirement…

Check regularly to see what wisdom he has in store!

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