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As the proposal to ordain both men and women has not gained the required vote, the public teaching of the Lutheran Church of Australia continues to state that men only are to be ordained to the office of the public ministry of the Church.

While differing views will be held in the Church, only one teaching may be taught as the position of the Church. It is an object of the Church ‘to promote and maintain true Christian unity in the bond of peace’.

We have called upon the Holy Spirit and acknowledge that this matter has been studied with integrity. As the children of God, we are committed to respect each other in Christ, regardless of our personal viewpoints on this issue.

Over the years to come, we will continue to search the Scriptures and to strive for
complete consensus on this teaching. Each of the District Presidents will ensure
appropriate care for those concerned about the result.

As we celebrate the many blessings over forty years, in Christ we walk together into
the future, at peace with our Heavenly Father.

Motion lost due to lack of required two thirds majority
YES 194 50.39%
NO 169 43.90%
Abstain 20 5.19%
Informal 1 0.26%
Non Voting 1 0.26%
TOTAL: 385 100%
Registered Delegates: 385
Two/thirds required: 254

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