Deaths from "Unsafe Abortions"?

This Report says that:

Deaths from unsafe abortion kill 70,000 women a year, a Guttmacher Institute report has found, leading to a call for further easing of developing nations abortion laws, a move rejected by a US bishops’ pro-life spokesperson.

My guess is that the reason the US bishops have rejected “further easing of developing nations’ abortion laws” is because even “safe abortions” end in the death of both (unborn) women and men in every instance.

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2 Responses to Deaths from "Unsafe Abortions"?

  1. Louise says:

    It is always worthwhile to remember that the pro-choice crowd are liars. 70,000? Bet it’s nothing like that.

    I enjoyed Hilary’s take on this:

    There is one in every crowd, this time it was the ANSA lady, complete with screechy shrill voice:

    “70,000 women die in unsafe illegal abortions in Africa every year…”

    When she started, I have to admit that at that point, my mind drifted off momentarily to a little fantasy press conference I keep in my head in which the awful woman would be honest and say, “Doesn’t the Church care about women?”

    And just that one time at my fantasy press conference, my fantasy cardinal would reply, “No. The Church doesn’t care about women. In fact, the Church hates women. Next question.”

  2. John Weidner says:

    I’d be happy to bet money that that statistic is bogus. Like the oft-repeated American one that says that 10,000 women used to die from back-alley abortions every year. There has never been any hard evidence presented for that, and the official government stats were always in the 300’s. And abortions just aren’t that dangerous.

    Most likely the evidence underlying this number will be kept hidden, so no one can critique the science. Much like the data has been hidden for the Johns Hopkins studies of Iraqi civilian deaths, or the various “hockey stick” graphs that show dramatic global warming…

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