"The One Thing We Can't Do In Heaven"?

I was rather struck just now reading something in my wife’s AGM report to her parish. She was reporting a comment that was expressed by a guest speaker at one of the gatherings she attended recently.

The comment was that “the one thing we can’t do in heaven is mission”.

While one can understand the purpose of such a statement (to encourage us to be active in mission now), any Catholic reading that is immediately struck by the words of the woman who is now recognised the world over as the Patroness Saint of Mission: St Therese of Lisieux:

“I wish to pass my Heaven in doing good on earth,”

and again,

“After my death I will let fall a shower of roses.”

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One Response to "The One Thing We Can't Do In Heaven"?

  1. Joshua says:

    This seems to deny the doctrine of the communion of saints – the saints are not asleep (heaven forfend we should fall into the damnable heresy of soul-sleep), but more alive and active than we are; the Scriptures plainly attest that the saints not only worship, but plead before the Throne and the Lamb for us still fighting here below. Are not their intercessions a peculiarly efficacious exercise of mission?

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