Fraser Pearce's presentation onthe Ordination of Women

Fraser Pearce is back from the Lutheran Church of Australia Pastors Conference and Synod, and has put his presentation on the ordination of women on his blogsite. The important bit, as in all Fraser’s writings, is towards the end.

I had a short phone conversation with Fraser this morning. I need to talk with him at greater length to see if I understand him correctly, but I think he is making a distinction between the authoritative definition of the doctrine and practice of ordination as an objective and universal truth in the church catholic (something the LCA Synod is hardly capable of doing, let alone authorised to do) and the responsible determination of what the LCA’s public practice and doctrine in this matter should be (something it is quite obviously authorised to do by its constituents and even perhaps capable of doing). An important distinction, I think. The upshot of which is that although the membership of the LCA is divided on what is “The Right Thing to Do” (to use Peregrinus’ words), it has determined what (for the time being at least) is the public teaching of the LCA.

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