An Excellent Defence of Conscience

This article, Over the counter conscience vote, by Beth Doherty, is an excellent defence of the right of Catholic business owners to conduct their business according to their conscience.

The refusal of organisations such as the well-known Body Shop to stock supplies tested on animals is a widely accepted fact. People can choose to shop there or they may prefer to purchase other cosmetic brands. Some consumers refuse to purchase sporting goods from companies such as Nike due to accusations of the use of sweat-shop labour. Others choose not to consume Nestle products because of previous alleged unethical practices regarding powdered milk. People vote with their feet, and act on their conscience…

The right to individual conscience seems to only be respected when the widely held view is at stake. Mr Dal Broi’s views are consistent with Catholic Church teaching and he makes no apology for that. He is serving his conscience and, as a health professional, he has as much right to live his moral beliefs in a free and democratic society as do those who choose to use contraception.

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