How to kill a blog…

Don’t post anything for ten days. Sorry about that, guys.* I’ve been flat on my back for the last week since buggering** up some of my stabilizing muscles in my lower back. I am slowly returning to normal, and although I would still describe my degree of pain as severe in normal circs, I am feeling one hundred percent up on what I was last Monday.

Anyway, while lying flat out I have found lots of things to blog about, and hopefully will get the opportunity over the next few days.

* In a recent meeting of the Commission, a dispute arose when I used the term “guys” to cover the whole assembled body. One of our female religious members felt that it excluded women. I hope all our readers understand that in modern parlance “guys” = “guys and gals”.

** Another coloquial term in modern parlance. Not to be confused with the ancient meaning of the word.

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