Three reasons for rejoicing…

The Ambassador to the Holy See, the Hon. Mr Tim Fischer (see picture of famous hat below sitting next to my laptop at the Parliament of the World’s Religions Catholic Communities Night), the Sisters of St Joseph, and Australian Catholics in general are rejoicing that a second miracle has been accepted in the cause of Blessed Mary of the Cross (aka Mother Mary MacKillop) will finally become Australia’s first saint after approval by the Holy Father on Saturday.

But the Holy Father has given us two other “Christmas gifts” this year at the same time, by approving the causes of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Pius XII, so that they are now both to be named “Venerable”.

The latter was something of a surprise – although anyone who was paying attention during the controversy last year will know that Pope Benedict has been favourable toward his predecessor’s cause. We can expect that this will cause a little comment around the place from those opposed to his canonisation.

Tim Fischer's Hat (next to my lap top)

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7 Responses to Three reasons for rejoicing…

  1. Louise says:

    Good news all round and Merry Christmas!

  2. Gareth says:

    Blessed Pius XII – a great choice for a great Pope.

    Finally the man gets the accolades he deserves

  3. Schütz says:

    I had to double check the picture I have of Venerable Pius in this post – the fact that he is smiling made him look more like John Paul I than the Pius XII that everyone loves to hate. I think the guy needs an image makeover. Step One: remove the hideous statue of him in St Peter’s Basilica.

    • Gareth says:

      True, that statue is not one of St Peter’s best works. In fact, it is probably the worst.

      I once found an absolutely brillant video of Pius XII on youtube (believe it or not even Leo XVI has made it onto youtube) – I think it is under the title Pius XII, the last Prince of God or the last years of Pius XII and was absolutely amazed that contrary to popular opinion, he actually had even more charisma than JPII.

      I was amazed at the man’s ability to draw a mass crowd and mysticisim at the same time.

      It is an amazing piece of footage and I highly recommend looking it up.

      Pius XII – truly the angelic shepherd

  4. Gareth says:

    Two interesting facts about Pius XII

    1. Elected Bishop on the same day as the annivesary of the apparitions at Fatima.

    2. As a two year old child, he was at the deathbed of Blessed Pius IX who reportedly said ‘that young boy will have an important job one day’.

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