Please pray for Bangoang Tut and his family

I saw the article in the paper about the tragic death of Bangoang Tut this morning, and the mention of the Morwell Lutheran Church. I asked Cathy and she confirmed that he was the child of Jacob Bangoang, the Lutheran lay worker in Morwell.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jacob earlier this year when he attended the John Paul II Institute Seminar on St Paul with his pastor (Pastor Stephen Van der Hoek of the Sale Lutheran parish – basically the same size as the Sale Catholic Diocese) and a number of other Lutherans. Pastor Stephen appears with the uncle in the video on the link above).

This is a terrible tragedy. Please keep Bangoang Tut, Jacob and his family, and the whole mourning community in your prayers at this very sad time.

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10 Responses to Please pray for Bangoang Tut and his family

  1. Weedon says:

    And when my short life is ended
    By thine angel host attended,
    He shall fold me to His breast,
    There within His arms to rest.

    Kyrie eleison. May the Lord comfort his family with the comfort He alone can give! “…disperse the gloomy clouds of night and death’s dark shadow put to flight!”

  2. matthias says:

    Poor little mite. My prayers are with his family and friends,and also for the young man who has been charged with culpable driving (,a ten year maximum sentence ifconvicted aside from the drink driving charge).

  3. matthias says:

    ” I am convinced that there is nothing in heaven,or on the earth ,or under it-not even death or hell- that will separate us from the Loveof God which is in Christ Jesus Our Lord” Romans 8 :37-39

  4. I think that would be Pr Stephen Van Der Hoek (?correct spelling), a recent graduate of our seminary. Having recently taken the funeral of a child killed in accidental circumstances myself, I also suggest keeping Pr Stephen in your prayers.

  5. Sharon says:

    I will remember in my prayers everyone whom this tragic incident touches.

  6. Joshua says:

    What a tragic business; thank God for the consolation of hope in Christ – this dear child, claimed in baptism, now to heaven sent…

  7. Louise says:

    Terrible. I will pray for the family.

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