A miracle by anyone's standards.

Last night I was discussing with Cathy and my mother-in-law the testimony of the woman who experienced the second “miracle” accredited to Mother Mary of the Cross (aka Mary MacKillop). Even my not-very-sympathetic-to-Catholic-idosyncracies mother-in-law said she had to acknowledge that Kathleen Evans’ healing – from terminal lung and brain cancer 16 years ago with no recurrence of cance – was miraculous. The ascription to the intercession of Blessed Mary may be taken with a grain of salt by non-Catholics, but I think we can all agree that this was a miracle sent by God.

The obvious question “Why me?” is one that has occured to Kathleen, as it will many others. We don’t know. Why did Jesus just heal some sick people and not others? Why did he only raise two people from the dead and not others? We do know that when God grants a miracle, he has a reason – which is always, in one way or another, for the sake of his glory. Perhaps – who is to say? – his reason in this instance is to bring glory to himself by glorifying his servant, Mother Mary?

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