Catholics, Evangelicals and Muslims together in the Trenches

This is something worth noting. Though the bill has passed in the Senate, and looks like doing so in lower house as well, one of the most significant outcomes of the RU-486 debate in terms of ecumenical and interfaith relations is this joint statement by the  Muslim Students Association of Australia, The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students and The Australian Catholic Students Association.

While there are many who may be amazed that the three faiths can actually speak with one voice on anything at all, many others have been expecting and calling for just such a united voice on the important moral issues of the day.

Peter Kreeft, in his book “Ecumenical Jihad: Ecumenism and the Culture Wars”, suggests that the “Culture War” will not be won by Catholics, or Evangelicals, or even a united Christian front alone, but rather by the combined witness of believers of all religions to the value of human morality and virtue.

If you want to know what is meant by the term “ecumenism of the trenches”, then this joint statement by the Students is a good example. We will need more of the same to follow as our parliamentary “leaders” seem bent on “leading” the whole of Australian Society down the gurgler…

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