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I have finally updated my Year of Grace retro-conversion blog with two new posts. For those of you who have not visited my “other blog”, “Year of Grace” is where I am slowly publishing the diary that I kept for 12 months following Easter 2000, from the very first recognition that I was incurably Catholic to the first time I was able to join in worship as a Catholic (even if not yet confirmed) at the Easter Vigil in Easter 2001.

To read it, you have to consider that you are reading a blog that was being written now, even if it was written six years ago. The upshot is that, like most blogs, the earliest entries are now at the end of the list–you have to read it backwards to get the story chronologically. I use pseudonyms for people whose confidence I do not wish to reveal, never the less, its all there as I wrote it six years ago.

This is conversion blow-by-blow; two steps forward and one step back along the way. I am not proud of all of it, and some of my thoughts then I recognise were short of the mark and sometimes even (yes, folks, I admit it) WRONG. Still, God got me there in the end.

Or should that be “He’s getting me there”?

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