Patriotism, Ozzie Style

January 26th is Australia Day. We are a patriotic people and observe our national holiday in the traditional manner: viz this Australia Day ad in today’s paper:

Tomorrow is a public holiday. Today wasn’t. I was at work today. A bit lonely. There is another great Australian tradition called “the Long Weekend”. We like to take our holidays consecutively – allows us to “go bush/beach” for a bit. With the barbie, of course. There was a cartoon by Golding in the Sunday Age which showed a prelate addressing as “Pontiff” a seated figure dressed in red with white hair and big ears (obviously hasn’t caught up with the fact that Ratzinger wears white these days) with this caption:

“Pontiff, the whole of Australia has applied for sainthood. they say they’ll be at death’s door, chucking a sickie on Monday 25th, and then miraculously appearing at a mae’s BBQ on Australia Day!”

Amusing, and in the “Spirit of Australia Day”, despite inaccuracies in canonical detail.

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4 Responses to Patriotism, Ozzie Style

  1. matthias says:

    Yes our National day yet,it seems a pity to celebrate what is really the settlement of NSW .SA has Proclamation Day, but Victoria has none that are significant. why is not Eureka Stockade Day celebrated-it was from that 4 minute rebellion that the secret ballot came. or Eight Hours Day-in 1856 it was in Melbourne that workers first marched wanting to get 8 hours labour,8 hours rest and 8 hours recreation.You can see the monument at the top of Russell Street.
    schutz like you i worked Monday. I drove from mitcham to one of our aged care facilities in Williamstown in only 30 minutes when it usually can take an hour. And no i was not speeding

  2. PM says:

    Careful about advocating Eight Hour ay. You’ll have messrs Abbot and Andrews denouncing you as a Communist!

  3. Joshua says:

    How about the question of what to eat and drink?

    If at a BBQ…

    A sanger with tom sauce in a slice of bread?

    VB and/or other beers!

    Lamingtons of course!

    But for a sit-down meal indoors…

    My mum thinks that roast lamb with pavlova for dessert would be just the ticket.

    • Schütz says:

      We just had a picnic at Pounds Bend on the Yarra yesterday with my Lutheran clergy mates and their families. No barbie.

      BUT there was a large group of Aisan Australians nearby eating pavlovla for dessert!

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