"Online Catholics" going "Offline"…

Apparently it costs a lot of money to run a webjournal. And not enough is coming in through subscriptions for Online Catholics to keep running. So it is finally giving up the “Spirit of Vatican II” and shuttling off this mortal coil. Vale OC. You made a mark in Australian Catholic publishing history.

Here’s a suggestion though to all you Online Catholics contributors out there left in the lurch when the good ship OC goes under: start a blog. It costs nothing except time. You don’t have an editorial committee breathing down your neck. And anyone can read your opinions and comment back on them. The most active Catholic bloggers in Australia at the moment are conservative (perhaps because we are the geekiest), so we need a few lefties in the cyberblogspace to even up the balance! There you are Fr Hodgens–join Fr Bob and blow your own trumpet on your own blogsite!

Back in the old days before I got the blog-bug, I once dreamt of launching my own free e-journal with a couple of friends. We were going to call it “In-Line Catholics”.

[Reader: Very droll.
Schütz: We thought so.]

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