Please Pray for and Support the Catholic Women's League

This story in Cathnews – about the special mass for the installation of the new National Executive of the Catholic Women’s League – highlights the great work of the CWL in Australia. I am especiall thankful for their support and promotion of Anima Education. Please pray for the League, and especially for their President Madge Fahy. She works very hard and ethusiastically for the Gospel through the work of the League. Pray that she remains in good health and that all she and her colleagues do will prosper. Also, if you are female and Catholic, find about about the League, its history and its current work. You don’t have to be retired to join!

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  1. Kyle says:

    Yes, these women are wonderful. I think especially of those who run Holy Hour. They are greatly admired by priests and laypeople alike.

  2. mdhoerr says:

    Could you recommend sources about Anima Education? It sounds like an interesting group / topic / study.

    • Schütz says:

      Unfortunately, currently we don’t have a website. You will see an ad for the current course in the side bar of this blog. We are currently putting together the second term course, in which I will be doing “Sacraments of Life and Healing”. We don’t have any distance education options, sorry, mary.

  3. mdhoerr says:

    OK, I think you folks have a big problem here.
    I went to the cathnews page you linked to. So far so good. There were three links at the bottom of the article.

    FIRST LINK: was a link for “Catholic Women’s League of Australia”. It opened a Word document with a press release. Uh oh.

    * First of all, not everyone can read Word documents. You have to buy the Microsoft Word program. (Actually, you can get around that by downloading free programs like OpenOffice, but you have to know OpenOffice exists, that it will open Word docs, and where to download it. It’s not automatically installed on most computers.) I wonder how many people tried to download the CWL document and couldn’t open it in the first place.)
    * Secondly, assuming you were able to open the document in the first place, there are NO links to any CWL website. There is, at least, one email address listed. In fact, my first thought was that maybe the CWL didn’t have a website, so I googled it and found the website.

    SECOND LINK: was to a pdf from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, which included two clickable links to the National Office for the Participation of Women (opw) website, one email link to an opw email address, and one link to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. The pdf also mentioned the Council for Australian Catholic Women, but NONE of the women’s organizations that were mentioned by the Catholic Women’s League. Apparently, the CWL has nothing to do with International Women’s Day, or with the participation of women in the church.

    THIRD LINK: was the only one that actually linked directly to a website. And it was for the National Office for the Participation of Women website. NOT to the actual website of Catholic Women’s League.

    So basically the result of the article for anyone who wanted more information and didn’t actually know anything about the CWL itself was NO link at all to the cwl website, one direct link and 2 clickable links in a pdf document to the opw website, and one clickable link to the home page of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference website.

    So exactly why were there no direct links to the CWLA site in an article that was specifically about the INSTALLATION OF THE NEW CWLA EXECUTIVE?

    In fact, the impression that anyone clicking for more information on the article would be that the OPW has something to do with the CWLA, or is related to it, or maybe even the same organization.

    So I went to the OPW site and found information on having Joan Chittister, an apostate nun who certainly isn’t in communion with the Catholic Church. I actually know quite a bit about what Joan teaches, from the days when I took her and Mary Daly seriously.

    So who was clueless enough to let this pass? The cathnews people? The CWL people who provided the information to the cathnews people? Did the CWL really only provide cathnews with a Word document with no links to their website?

    • Schütz says:

      Yes, unfortunately, it was the Cathnews people. This is a good point. I will forward it on to the website manager. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

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