Cardinal Pell vs Dan Barker on XT3

I also received an email yesterday from Larissa at the XT3 network.

Hi David,

My name is Larissa, and I work for I check in on your great blog every now and again, and thought I would point out some audio we’ve got in the library that you might be interested in!

The audio for the Cardinal’s debate against Dan Barker, held at Macquarie Uni, is available on Xt3 here : . We also video taped it, and will hopefully put the footage up next week in our media player.

Also, I noticed on your blog that you were quite keen to catch Dr Michael Casey and Professor Gerard Bradley’s public address on religious liberty, hosted by the Ambrose Centre. While the quality of this recording is not quite as high (we could not get a direct feed), I hope you enjoy it anyway! You can find it here:

Kind Regards,
Xt3 Admin

I am more than happy to use SCE to promote XT3 and these recordings – which incidentally I just downloaded yesterday but have still to listen to. Enjoy!

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