We apologise for the break in our transmission…

I say, What Ho, chaps, someone pass the port, eh what? Must have drifted off there for a moment…

Apologies for the lack of communication on this blog over the last few days. Life has been very busy in the office and in the home. In the office, I have been preparing this three day Interfaith Symposium on Death and Dying (a monumental task) and at home we have just finished THE PARISH FETE (capitals intended).

Parish fetes are big deals here in Melbourne, drawing about 30 to 40 thousand dollars into the parish coffers each year. This year I was in charge of the parking – a voluntary charge that I took upon myself having been an assistant in the car park for three years in the past and each time thinking “I could do this better”, and spending my time on the dusty oval preparing ideas. This year I had the chance to put it into action, and with lots of help from others, we had the smoothest running car park in the history of the fete – even if I do say so myself. But this has meant that I have put about 24 hours of solid work into preparation and setting up and execution and clearing up, and now am sunburnt, dusty, tired and footsore. Cathy spent all day on the face painting stall, and is fast asleep now. The Fete is a red letter feast day for the kids, and they too are dead to the world now, after a busy day of rides, fair food fare, and buying trinkets at the trash and treasure.

So now is time to catch up on the blog. Thanks for your patience. I am back in action!

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