"Have no fear, little flock!"

Here is a little ditty by Heinz Zimmermann that I learnt as a child, which I would like to share with you all. The tune is cheery and bouncy and may be accessed here on midi file.

It brings to mind several things at this time. First of all, the words “Be not afraid!” – the words of the Angels at the tomb, and of the Risen Jesus himself at his appearances. But also our dear belove Holy Father John Paul II who died five years ago tomorrow. He made these words his own and used them to encourage Christians all over the world.

Jesus said: “Have no fear, little flock. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom” (Luke 12:32). There is much that we could be afraid of today. Martin Luther, when he wasn’t railing against the “Devil, the Pope and the Turk”, was always warning against “The Devil, the World and our own Sinful flesh”. We need to recognise that these three enemies are the dire enemies of the Church and will never, never let up in their battle until the Last Trumpet sounds. We need to have courage – even at the same time as we remain meek as lambs – in the face of these wolves, these “roaring lions” (as St Peter called them) that prowl around both inside and outside the Church and seek to devour us.

Now is not the time for fear! Now is not the time for timidity and nervousness! Now is not the time for retreat into the grey tones of biege! Now is the time to unfurl our colours and proudly and couragously march forward under the Cross. In these very days we are celebrating the death of our Lord – on a Friday which we call “Good”! But what appeared to be the greatest disaster for the Kingdom – the death of the King – became our Victory in his Resurrection.

So, click on the link to the midi file above, and sing your little hearts out on this little ditty. And may it put true courage into the hearts and souls of all who read this ‘ere little blog this Eastertide!

Have no fear little flock,
have no fear, little flock,
For the Father has chosen
to give you the Kingdom.
Have no fear, little flock!

Have good cheer, little flock,
have good cheer, little flock,
For the Father will keep you
in His love forever.
Have good cheer, little flock!

Praise the Lord high above,
praise the Lord high above,
For He stoops down to heal you,
uplift and restore you.
Praise the Lord high above!

Thankful hearts raise to God,
thankful hearts, raise to God,
For He stays close beside you,
in all things works with you.
Thankful hearts raise to God!

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4 Responses to "Have no fear, little flock!"

  1. Weedon says:


    Much as I appreciate that hymn, I write this to you to alert you to a fine article by Dr. Stephenson on the current attack in the press against the Pope. I thought you and your readers might find this Lutheran scholar’s take of interest:


    • Schütz says:

      Thank you, Pastor Bill. Hadn’t heard from you for a while. I figure that you must be very busy right now with Holy Week and Easter. God bless you and your people as you celebrate these holy mysteries!

  2. Louise says:

    The dictatorship of relativism strikes back—and goes nuclear

    Exactly so, Pastor Weedon.

  3. Louise says:

    But what appeared to be the greatest disaster for the Kingdom – the death of the King – became our Victory in his Resurrection.

    to borrow from the beloved Chesterton, we can certainly “go clad in crimson and gold for this!”

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