Eating and drinking our way to peace and harmony…

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much in the last few days. We have been very busy at the Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission. On Tuesday morning, the good folk of the Australian Intercultural Society came around to the Archdiocesan offices to share “Noah’s Pudding” with us on the occasion of “Ashura”. The AIS are a very “ambassadorial” Turkish Muslim group, from the Sunni tradition. I became aware while planning the occasion that there is some tension between the way in which Sunni and Shiite Muslims commemorate Ashura, but we did it the Sunni way on Tuesday. Delicious pudding with very open question and answer time on Islam.

Then last night the Commission met with the Victorian Lutheran ecumenical committee over a meal of lasagne and a glass (or two or three) of red.

And next week we have the pleasure of hosting a Catholic Buddhist conversation over afternoon tea. Our guest of honour is Samdhong Rinpoche who is part of the Tibetan “Government in Exile” and close to the Dalai Llama.

I said to one of my colleagues today that we are slowly eating and drinking our way to peace and harmony…

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