Fr Fleming's Book Launch – In Sydney…

I wonder if someone might not organise an equivalent event in Melbourne?

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. We are in the middle of our Interfaith Symposium on Death and Dying and I am having to find a third end to my candle just so I can burn it along with the other two ends… It has been really good so far. Grand finale tomorrow.

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  1. matthias says:

    I have mentioned in previous posts how much i enjoyed the book WAKE UP AUSTRALIA,that father Flemming co-authored with -correct me Schutz- the late Dr Barry overduin(?) . I seem to recall that the photo above was taken ,when father Flemming was exiting the Anglican Church of Australia. I could not help thinking, that with so much negative publicity at the moment around the Catholic Church-more specifically the actions of Benedict when he was archbishop of munich- that such a book as this may actually counter that negativity as people see that one crossed over to the Tiber because of the fidelity to truth by one church as another lost its grip on that same truth.

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