So here is the Good News on Papa BXVI's 5th Anniversary

Celebrate the Holy Father’s 5th Anniversary by reading the good news of his pontificate from this Catholic World Report round table, written by those who know him best – including our “local girl”, Tracey Rowland.

Priest, Prophet, King
Three ways Benedict has exemplified these three roles
By Father Joseph Fessio, S.J.

Reform within Continuity
A proper understanding of Vatican II has been paramount in Benedict’s pontificate.
By Father Matthew Lamb

Why Do the Media Rage?
Pope Benedict’s pontificate has caught the media and dissidents alike by surprise.
By Philip F. Lawler

Pope Benedict’s Patristic Perspective
A student of the past, a prophet of the future
By Father David Vincent Meconi, S.J.

Planting the Seeds of Reform
Future generations will have much for which to thank Benedict.
By George Neumayr

Benedict Contra Mundum
In Pope Benedict, “Peter is still here.”
By Carl E. Olson

A Pope Who Thinks in Centuries
Benedict sees the Church as a divine institution with a historical mission.
By Tracey Rowland

A Fatherly Figure
History will vindicate the paternal care Benedict has shown for the Church.
By Robert Royal

Pope Ratzinger
A scholarly pope who also listens
By Father James V. Schall, S.J.

Retrieval and Reintegration
Benedict’s efforts to let the past inform and guide the Church’s future
By Father Robert Sirico

Update: A couple of other articles reviewing the pontificate worthy of reading:

Sandro Magister: The Passion of Pope Benedict. Six Accusations, One Question

Vincent Twomey: Despite media smears, world and faithful have warmed to Benedict

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3 Responses to So here is the Good News on Papa BXVI's 5th Anniversary

  1. Tony says:

    ‘Objectively speaking, Benedict shouldn’t be the church’s problem in terms of responding to the sex abuse crisis — he should be the answer. However much unfinished business the Catholic church may still face, the situation would be infinitely worse if then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had not kick-started the process of reform in 2001 by streamlining the system for removing predator priests from ministry; if, as pope, he had he not brought the hammer down on figures such as Fr. Marical Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legionaries of Christ; and had he not broken the Vatican’s wall of silence on the crisis, including becoming the first pope to meet with victims of sexual abuse …

    However much media bias may play a role in stacking the deck against the pope, it’s also true that the Vatican’s “crisis management” strategy has, if anything, made the crisis worse …’

    From Can a teaching pope get his house in order? by John L. Allen Jr.

    • Schütz says:

      Nothing like Mr Allen for balance!

      • Tony says:


        Your links seem to be all about praise for Benedict. Fair enough. But balance?

        If you think someone who’s been around for so long as a church leader is beyond reproach then I’d imagine any critical appraisal would seem ‘unbalanced’.

        But Allen offers considerable praise as well as expressing areas of concern. That strikes me as more likely to be ‘balanced’.

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