Happy [Mothers] Day!

Or: Where have all the mothers gone?

Strange tidings in the weekend editions of The Age.

Remeber a little while back we had the little tyke who didn’t have a mummy but had two daddys (or rather, he was taken from his mummy who wasn’t his mummy because another mummy’s egg was put in his mummy’s tummy)? Everyone has a mother, they say. Not this kid.

Well, yesterday, The Age ran a full page story on this Australian woman, who was a surrogate for a friend’s childless brother and wife. Will she be remembered by that baby on Mother’s Day? Does she have a right to be?

And today we have the story that the Anglican Church’s General Synod is being encouraged to believe that it is our Christian duty to have fewer children – that to bear children is, in fact, to act against the seventh (they call it the eighth) commandment “Thou shalt not steal”. Go figure. (BTW, trick question: do you know what God’s FIRST commandment for human beings was?). Actually, to be fair, from the reports it looks like this something from a discussion paper from the Anglican Public Affairs Commission rather than a resolution of their Synod. We know how the media twists these things. But the mere fact that such a thought can be thought shows just another gulf between the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church in the area of the Christian’s moral life.

How refreshing then to read this article on the overflowing inner city schools in Melbourne. Too many kids? No such thing, my friends. That first commandment again!

The idea that having children is adding to the woes of our world is a real furphy. In fact, although projections vary, as this website shows, even the UN’s projections (and take note that they are not supporters of bigger families in general) show a levelling off of world population over the next 20 years.

This time last year I returned from a visit to Turkey and Italy. In Turkey – which doesn’t have the highest standard of living but isn’t impoverished by any means – I saw lots and lots of happy chidren everywhere and schools overflowing. In Rome, by contrast, children were barely visible. Europe at least is in population decline, and population would be declining in Australia too if it were not for strong rates of immigration.

Thank God for our mothers. May God bless them with that original blessing with which he blessed Eve and give all people everywhere the blessing of the New Eve!

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5 Responses to Happy [Mothers] Day!

  1. Clara says:

    David, You missed the Sunday Age’s Mothers day special on page 10: Babies who don’t have daddies – single IVF mothers.

    • jules says:

      How misguided and sad. IVF , destroyes life. So many people don’t realise how the procedure works. To avoid multiple pregnancies, early in pregnancy, some of these embryos are killed by injection of potassium chloride into the embryo’s heart. This procedure is euphemistically called “fetal reduction” = multiple murders.

    • Schütz says:

      You’re right. I did miss this. I should have expected that it would be there somewhere.

  2. Matthias says:

    Those Anglicans,still think they are part of the Establishment,and can lord it over the rest of us. But they are leading by example once the TAC is accepted into the Catholic church ,then there will be less number of Anglicans on the earth .

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